Best South Lombok Beaches for a Relaxing Day

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Lombok is known as Bali’s little sister, a slightly smaller island filled with quiet beaches and dotted with refined, boutique hotels. A short plane or boat ride away from Denpasar, Bali, Lombok is starting to make a name for itself as the place for a beach holiday with a luxury edge. The upscale food and accommodation options set in untouched nature make Lombok a curated, laid-back experience that’s hard to find in Indonesia’s more crowded islands, and the gorgeous beaches make it a place to get back in touch with nature.

image of the beach with boats

Best Beaches in South Lombok

Mawun Beach

Mawun beach

Mawun has deep water and large waves in its centre and calmer, shallower water on its edges. It is a perfect picnic spot, nestled between two lofty headlands, free of crowds and with a smattering of umbrellas and small, local food stalls. If you’re thinking of a visit, consider stocking up on fresh produce in the town centre of Kuta and bringing it with you for a quiet lunch and leisurely swim.

Mawun is a 20 minute trip from Kuta, and you can reach it by car, or scooter. It has an entrance fee of 10,000 IDR.

a photo of mawun beach with a background of a mountain

Pantai Merah, ‘The Pink Beach’

high angle shot of pantai merah

Pantai Merah, also known as ‘The Pink Beach’, is an Instagram darling. Red coral fragments have mixed with its white sands to produce a distinctive pink-sand beach, where bright blue water creates a stunning contrast. The water is known for its colourful community of marine animals which live among the reef which the coral comes from.

Its remote location, an hour and a half from Kuta, makes it a haven for anybody wanting to find some inner peace and quiet. It also, however, makes it a little hard to access. Hiring a local driver to take you there makes everything smoother, as the road signs can be hard to interpret, and there are some unmarked paths. It’s best to visit in the dry season, from May to September. Entrance is 50,000IDR.

an image of pantai merah with pink sand

Tanjung Aan

high angle shot of tajung aan beach

Tanjung Aan is known for its white sand, vivid turquoise water and stunning view of the Lombok headlands. It also has a unique feature; a beach swing. This is a locally crafted swing which is part of a set scattered across select Lombok beaches. Your inner child will love flying high and admiring the view after a dip. There are stalls on the beach to buy vegetable noodles and rent beach chairs.

15 minutes trip from Kuta in South Lombok, Tanjung Aan can be reached by by car, or scooter. It has an entrance fee of 10,000 IDR.

an image of a woman on a swing at tanjung aan

Mandalika Beach

mandalika beach with boats

Mandalika is the busiest local beach given its proximity to the town centre. It has a public town square area where the locals rent scooters and bikes and a long stretch of local warungs along the walking path. Grab a cold drink and lounge in the shade of the palms listening to Mandalika’s trademark gentle waves. Its sheltered position makes it a perfect place to try out any water sports you’re yet to master.

The beach is a 5 minute drive from Kuta and can be reached by car, scooter, or on foot.

image of mandalika beach

Selong Balanak Beach

an image of buffalos at selong balanak

Selong Balanak is a popular beach, and for good reason. Surrounded by bucolic scenes of grazing buffalo and filled with beach umbrellas and local warungs, the beach is part of a peaceful area West of Kuta. This is the place to go if you’re looking to learn to surf, enjoy a brisk sunset walk or an exciting early afternoon swim. There’s a multitude of surfing instructors and hire equipment along the beach to accommodate anyone interested, and the warungs also sell everything from beers and snacks to popular basics like nasi goreng and fresh coconuts.

It’s a 30 minute trip West of Kuta, accessible by car, or scooter. Entrance fee is 10,000 IDR.


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