Visit the Renowned Pink Beach of Lombok

Where Is It?

Lombok is known for its abundance of beautiful beaches, but Tangsi Beach, otherwise known as the Pink Beach of Lombok, is a once in a lifetime experience. It is one of only 10 naturally occurring pink beaches in the world, with a distinct colour that makes it a haven for photographers and nature-lovers. Its rosy hue is the result of a rare natural marine process which occurs in its thriving coral reef. It is found on the South East corner of Lombok, at the easternmost point of the Tanjung Ringgit Peninsula.

a picture of a swing at the pink beach

How to Get There

The Pink Beach is nestled in a more remote, less developed part of the island, which means a bit of a journey off the beaten path, travelling past lush rice paddies and local villages and patches of untouched jungle to reach it. It is possible to reach by boat, car or even motorbike and scooter.

The 3-hour boat ride from Kuta travels along the Tanjung Ringgit Peninsula and gives you plenty of opportunities to appreciate panoramic views of Lombok’s Southern coastline. You can rent a boat from a local hire shop, or book a ticket for a boat tour to take you there.

A driver can be organised easily from Kuta for around 500,000 IDR, and is the most comfortable way to pass the 1.5 – 2 hour journey through Eastern Lombok.

The more adventurous can make their way on a motorbike or scooter in under 2 hours. The roads towards Tangsi Beach have some bumpy patches, so it’s only recommended to do this if you’re an experienced rider.

pink beach with grass views

What Makes the Beach Pink?

The pink sand on Tangsi beach is the result of a naturally occurring process within the colourful nearby reefs. Microscopic sea creatures known as Foraminifera leave their red and pink shells on the reef floor. These are crushed by the swells of the ocean and mixed with the blanched rock that becomes normal sand. When the red mixes with the white you get the soft pink which covers Tangsi’s shore.

Best Time to Visit

The signature pink of Tangsi beach is strongest during high tide, which is also the best time for snorkelling. Of course, tide times change daily, so it’s worth checking online before planning the time of your visit.

landscape of pink beach

Ways to Explore the Pink Beach

Full Day Tour

A full day guided boat tour to the Pink Beach will usually also include stops at the Southeast Gilli Islands. Typically, snorkel gear is included, should you want to get up close and personal with the Pink Beach’s rich reef, so you won’t have to worry about visiting a hire shop or bringing your own. A local lunch is also commonly provided. Full day tours can be found on tour guide sites and are usually advertised at local hire shops. Their prices sit at around $150 AUD.

tortoise swimming under water at the pink beach

Swimming in its Calm Waters

Bordered by rich green hills, the waters of Tangsi Beach are known to be calm and warm, perfect for a swim surrounded by beautiful views. The beach is also teeming with colourful reefs and marine life, so snorkelling can add an element of nature-watching to your swim. Note that there are no hire companies nearby to the Pink Beach, so you will need to bring snorkelling equipment with you.

underwater reef at the pink beach

Pink Beach Viewpoint

Many people say that, while swimming at the Pink Beach is memorable, the view is what stays with them the most. To see it in full, find the small hill at the end of the beach. It takes mere minutes to climb up, and from here you can see the entire beach. Pick a spot on the grass and sit, watching how the light changes the colour of Tangsi’s iconic shores.

high top view of the pink beach

Additional Tips

Please note that the cost of entry at Tangsi Beach is 25 000 IDR. Entrance fees are commonplace at Lombok beaches, and are a good reason to keep small amounts of cash on you when you embark on a beachside adventure. At Tangsi, you will find a small desk at the opening to the beach where you will be asked to make payment.

Staying at SIWA

As a SIWA guest, you can simply mention to our concierge that you would like to visit the Pink Beach, and we will assist you to find the best available options to get there. When you return, you can enjoy drinks and world-class food at our Clubhouse.