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Visting Auto Pearl Farm Lombok

Pearls are objects of mystery, crafted by the ocean and treasured by people for millennia. The Chinese believed pearls gave the moon her glow, and the Persians thought they were the tears of gods. These lustrous gems are beautiful when set into jewellery, but to truly understand their beauty, it’s worth seeing them at the source. Fortunately, a neighbour of ours on Lombok, the Autore Pearl Farm is one of the world’s leading sources of pearls.

two women at the Autore Pearl farm looking at pearls

The History of the Autore Pearl Farm

Founded in 1991 by Italian pearl expert Rosario Autore, this company’s fine product has elevated them to the status of international fashion provider. They’ve even been awarded a medal of distinction by the French Senate. When you visit Autore, you see the most beautiful south sea pearls the ocean has to offer.

South sea pearls  stay locked tight in a shell for five years before they reveal themselves, and when they do, it’s captivating. They’re the largest pearls in all the world and grow into all different colours and shapes. Pearl farmers never know when they’re going to crack a shell to find a perfectly rounded, white treasure inside.

Lombok Autore Pearl Farm Tour

Understanding the natural processes that produce pearls only increases your appreciation for their beauty and value.The Autore Pearl Farm on Lombok offers tours which explain and demonstrate the entire process of culturing a pearl. Your guide will explain seeding, growing, harvesting and grading. On the tour you will:

  • See the surgical removal of an oyster
  • Learn the difference between regular pearls and precious pearls
  • Learn more about the pearl culturing process
  • See stunning south sea pearls in the Autore showroom

This gives you a strong understanding of what constitutes a high quality gem and means you’ll be well on your way to becoming a connoisseur of pearls.

At the end of your tour, it’s worth stopping at their sweet little café. It has views of the Rinjani mountain range, and is a lovely place to relax and unwrap any purchases you may have made.

Autore Pearl Showroom

As part of the pearl farm, Autore has a contemporary showroom where you can see how the natural beauty of the pearl can be augmented by the craft of jewellery-making. There are plenty of meticulously crafted designs on display to tempt you, plus some incredible award-winning pieces including the 2015 Best Pearl Jewellery Design winner, the “Orange Blossom Cuff” and the 2018 winner the “Dragon Necklace”.

a woman in the ocean wearing a pearl necklace

Getting There

The pearl farm can be reached by car or boat from SIWA Resorts in under 2 hours. It’s situated near the town of Sengiggi and the Gili islands, where you can spend the day snorkelling, shopping for antiques, or visiting the Batu Bolong temple.

Opening Hours

Saturdays and Sundays, 9am to 5pm

Tours run all day and last roughly an hour.


180Rs per person

man snorkeling near Autore Pearl Farm

Contact Details

Autore Pearl Farm and Visitor Showroom

Teluk Nara Jl. Raya Pamenang, Malaka, Pemenang, North Lombok, NTB 83352, Indonesia

T: +62 813 399 20020


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Unwind at SIWA

After learning about the world of south sea pearls, come to SIWA Resorts to sink into luxury with sunset cocktails, fine dining and the best view on the island. Our design-forward clubhouse allows you to enjoy the natural contours of the island with all the man made comforts you desire.

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