Watch the Sunset at Bukit Selong

Bukit Selong is the most famous of Lombok’s breathtaking viewpoints, and for good reason. The spot is nestled in Sembalun village, one of the official entrances to hike Mount Rinjani, the highest peak in Lombok. The village is known for its grand mountains and picturesque fields. The mountains here are covered in grass rather than trees, because most of them are formed from solid volcanic rock without much soil. This gives them a unique appearance, with the grass flush to the rock, making each ripple of the rock visible.. At sunset the light hits in such a way that the outlines of the mountains glimmer, and the fields below glow. It’s a lush, green sight completely unlike the beachy coastline of Lombok.

Where’s Bukit Selong?

Bukit Selong is located in Sembalun Lawang village, about 2.5 to 3 hours drive from Kuta, or 3 hours from Central Lombok. The drive is well worth it, transporting you away from the busy beachside to a completely new landscape of still, calm green. While tourists gather near the beaches, Bukit Selong remains serene and relatively tourist-free despite its growing popularity. The view spot sits at about 1800 metres above sea level, which gives you a vantage point from which you can see the entire village, its expansive fields, and the three local mountains; Pergasingan Hill, Anak Dara Hill, and Mountain Rinjani, alongside some smaller formations.

Despite the distance, Sembalun is very unique. The busiest places in Lombok are close to the beach, where we spend most of our time. For those of us from the South or West of Lombok, with beaches in walking distance, being in Sembalun is like experiencing a different wo

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How to get there

The best way to travel to Bukit Selong is by car, and because it’s a long drive, we recommend a car with a driver. Having someone else drive means you can stare out the window as you wind through the Lombok landscape.

If you’re looking to drive yourself, you can rent a car from 400k – 1200k IDR per day, depending on the type of car you opt for. If you decide to rent a car, please note that ‘full day rental’ is for 10 to 12 hours. Below are some recommendations for car rentals and different pricing options:

Avanza: Up to 6 people without luggage, 4 people with luggage: 400K/day.
Inova: Up to 8 people without luggage, 6 with luggage: 600K – 800K/day
Fortuner: Up to 8 people without luggage, 6 with luggage: 800K – 1000K/day
Alphard and Hiace : Up to 7 people without luggage, 4 people with luggage: 1000K – 1200K/day

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What to expect

When you arrive, you will be expected to pay an admittance fee of 15K. At the entrance to Sembalun village you will find a local guide, who will happily show you some traditional houses and tell you about the history of the village.

Apart from the traditional housing complex you’ll see the village’s current residences, built up the side of the hill. Once you’ve explored, you can make your way to the lookout spot, only a few steps away from the parking spot you’ll be taken to.

a close up image of the tradition houses in bukit selong

Best time to visit

Sunset is when Bukit Selong really shines. Arrive 30 minutes beforehand to watch the sun race across the fields, and the pinks, oranges and yellows illuminate and then fade behind the mountains. You’ll get an impressive outline of the dark mountains against the light before it dies away. Depending on the weather, you might also catch some clouds racing towards the horizon in front of you.

The view is stunning no matter which season you’re visiting, though the time of sunset and sunrise will vary. Make sure you’ve double checked the time of sunset before you plan your day trip.

overview of the sunset at bukit selong

What to do before sunset

If you’re making the trip to Bukit Selong, you might want to arrive early to wander the area and perouse the rest of what it has on offer. The Sembalun district consists of 6 villages, with small hotels and cafes all around. Locals highly recommend visiting Sembalun Bumbung, a traditional village known for performing Ngayu-Ayu rituals involving gathering water from 12 springs to express gratitude to God. Kings from all past Kingdoms of Nusantara (the pre-colonial name of the Indonesian archipelago) are invited, and attend in their colourful royal dress, which is a true sight to behold. Nearby, you’ll also find the Mangku Sakti and Mangku Kodek waterfalls – both stunning nature photography opportunities.

waterfalls at mangku sakti and mangku kodek

Relaxing in Lombok

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